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Whilst the “300” film came out, I become so impressed and all for the physiques of the actors portraying the spartan warriors…particularly King Leonidas (Gerard Butler). I don’t consider any other movie having the amount of actors with such fantastic physiques. After the release of the film, Mark Twight conducted a workout plan and named it as “300” spartan bodyweight workout.

Excitedly I decided to perform this workout as I am a fitness freak and thought it would be easy for me to carry out the task. But I was totally wrong. When I started the spartan bodyweight workout, I was so exhausted and faded in very little time.

spartan king furious expressions

The other day, I woke with the same energy and determination and started performing exercises but the result was the same. But I didn’t give up. Having done this for 1 month I noticed measurable changes in my body as my clothes were getting smaller, my stomach was reduced and my body got into good shape and more importantly, I was feeling 10 times more energetic and active than the normal days. I was never like this before in my whole life.

When I searched about spartan bodyweight exercises I found-
Bodyweight sporting events are a fundamental component of workout and fitness. These movements are an awesome addition to any exercising, as they’re fantastically easy to master, require no rate, and can be achieved whenever, anywhere. These workouts may be integrated into your universal education regimen, used as assignment circuits on occasion, or if you are a trainer or educate, you could position your customers and athletes to the check.

Spartan Race is all about self-improvement, I have shared my killer spartan bodyweight workout plan with you that you can probably do in your dorm!

What are bodyweight exercises?

Maybe you lack time, cash, or every other logistics that affects your potential to consistently exercising. If you’re dedicated, determined and geared up for a change. Bodyweight schooling is one of the maximum beneficial kinds of education for anyone. We will display you how your body is the simplest system you need to be a sturdy, strong Spartan.  We are beginning this 28-day workout cycle with working the front half of our body, our pushing muscles.

A boy balancing whole body in spartan bodyweight workout on his hands.

Pushing muscles will include our chest, shoulders, triceps, and legs. Throughout this first cycle of bodyweight training, we will also be actively engaging all of our core muscles to further increase strength, stability, and balance. Remember the 21/90 rule, it takes 21 day days to build a habit and 90 days to built a lifestyle. So, Commit to the first three weeks to start an active, healthy lifestyle, then that fourth week is a breeze.

To know more about bodyweight training and their benefits, check my post on calisthenics for beginners’ strategy to master. 

Versatilities of Bodyweight Training

Muscle Growth

There are many other ways for putting on muscles like hitting every single muscle through weights in the gym,  but generally, the simplest one is the one where you create workout sessions aiming at the so-called muscular hypertrophy.  

Now you have to understand what is hypertrophy-  “the increase of size of an organ or tissue through the enlargement of the cells comprised in it”. 

There are two subparts of hypertrophy-
A- SARCOPLASMIC HYPERTROPHY– SARCOPLASMIC HYPERTROPHY is the group of plasmic elements contained in muscle cells among whose are included proteins, glycogen, water, collagen and many more.
B- MYOFIBRILLAR HYPERTROPHY– In MYOFIBRILLAR HYPERTROPHY the main element muscle fibers are made of, containing proteins that can contract to let the muscles work as they usually do.

Get Leaner

As we know leaning mainly depends on what we eat throughout every day. In order to get leaner eliminate junk food, processed food as much as you can. In order to take out the best workout, you need to first figure out which body type you are and about your genetics. Then get leaner by following, of course, proper nutrition as well as effective fat-loss, cardio workouts.

Burn Fat

Spartan bodyweight workout is mainly focused on your bodyweight and if you are an overweight person you will not be able to perform exercises in good form. So focus on dropping down weight first and get lighter.

     In order to do so, considered one of the ways to start the fats-loss process, is to uprate the heartbeats by working on cardio circuits in an effort to assist your metabolism to get in motion, to help to burn fats at the equal time you are doing an exercise.

Among the most common workouts of this type, we surely recognize the so-called H.I.I.T and TABATA.

 These two workout protocols will definitely work for burning fat and losing weight.

Develop Strength

 One the most important benefit I have noticed while performing a spartan bodyweight workout schedule is gaining incredible strength by learning how to control your body and use your own bodyweight to make exercises harder without necessarily adding weights.

   Think for instance, how hard it  is to perform 4 sets of 10 pull-ups by  keeping these things in mind:
– Hands wrapped around the bar
– Arms straight and shoulder blades allocated
– Retracted scapula
– Legs straight (not crossed)
– Touch the bar with your chest.
– Elbows close to your hips in the concentric phase.

By performing basic bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, dips, push-ups you can really aim to reach incredible levels of strength already at the beginning of your journey and thinking than to take it to another level once you are more experienced with them.

Boy performing handstand in front of rising red sun.

 Another main factor that comes from performing a very good quality bodyweight exercise is shown by the explosiveness you can gain. Explosiveness can be seen when you perform your first waist height pull up or single hand handstand.

The Spartan Bodyweight Workout

In my opinion, this workout is suitable for every aspect of a good physique like- building muscles, strength, getting leaner, burning fat, mobility, body control, explosiveness, and flexibility. Below, you’ll find a list of Spartan-approved bodyweight exercises that will help you build strength, power, and endurance.

Let’s Start Spartan Bodyweight Workout Plan

Before proceeding to the exercise circuit, you should start with a 5 to 10min warm-up for the actual workout. Doing warm-up will wake up your nervous system and deliver blood to muscles. Here are a few options you can try for better warm-up-
5-minute jogging
10 push-ups
High knees 30 seconds
10 Lunges
10 Squats.

a man doing warm up

1- Lower Body
2- Upper Body
3- Core and Full Body
4- Rest
5- Upper Body
6- Lower Body and Core
7- Take Rest or enjoy any sport of your wish.

You will perform 3 to 5 sets of these exercises consists of 15 repetitions to acquire your goals.


These exercises mainly target your glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings, both the fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, hip stabilizers. Work them into your regular legs workout. Or, do them as a bodyweight condition circuit.
-Sumo Squats
-Jump Squats
-Wall Sits
-Glute Squats


These exercises mainly focus on chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders

-Normal or Standard Push-ups
-Decline Push-ups
-Shoulder Taps

Spartan bodyweight workout exercise BOY WEARING BLACK CAP DOING PULL UPS.

Core is a very important section of the human body, these exercises will help you build strong core and abs too.

-Side Planks
-Russian Twists
-Toe Touches
-Hanging Leg Raises

WOMEN performing cruches for strong core in spartan bodyweight training

As the name would already suggest that this exercise focuses on every single muscle of our body.

-Box Jumps
-Bird Dog
-Jumping Jacks
-Bear Crawl

Box jump

Once you complete any circuit you will feel tightness and soreness in your muscles but remember that’s how the gains are acquired……… Never give up and enjoy this sweater routine.



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