Calisthenics for beginners! Strategy to master

Many people nowadays are bothered about their excess weight and fat, their full day working lifestyle doesn’t allow any time to focus on health and driving them towards bad health and excess weight. If you wanna get rid of this problem of your’s, here is calisthenics for beginners for you.

In increasing population of the country there are many diseases increasing rapidly which affect the health of every single person and to overcome that factor everyone must workout 3 to 4 times a week as one of our favorite celebrity Akshay Kumar mentioned in one of his interview “a person who cannot get 30 minutes for his body has no right to live,he should kill himself”.

Those who are willing to get free from excess weight and fat, and to achieve lean body muscle mass without any heavy expenses and fees of joining a gym, this article would be very helpful for you. Going through this article will make you understand what kind of workout you should focus to achieve your goals.

The workout form which I followed and got benefits more than I expected is calisthenics for beginners.

What is calisthenics?

In addition to general fitness, calisthenic exercises are typically used as baseline physical evaluations for military organizations around the world. It may be a style of exercise consisting of a spread of movements that exercise giant muscles like teams running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. These exercises are typically performed rhythmically and with bottom instrumentality, as bodyweight exercises. They’re supposed to extend strength, fitness, and suppleness, through movements like pulling, pushing, bending, jumping, or swinging, using one’s body weight for resistance. Workout will give the advantages of muscular and aerobic learning, additionally to improving bodily process skills like balance, agility, and coordination.

Urban calisthenics are a style of street workout; calisthenics teams perform exercise routines in urban areas. People and teams train to perform advanced calisthenics skills like muscle-ups, levers, and numerous race moves like spins and flips.

Calisthenics has numerous benefits. Some of important of them are mentioned below-

Why should you try this?

Physically Fit

Bodyweight coaching represents exercise in its most natural type and combines strength training and basic gymnastic movements that may be done anyplace.

It’s true that there’s beauty in simplicity and calisthenics for beginners  exercise has been tried and tested over millennia going away little doubt that it delivers exceptional results in all facets; movement, strength, and aesthetics. While the latter could be thought at the college of calisthenics exercise we have a tendency to encourage individuals to target what your body will do instead of simply what it’s like.

The great factor regarding progressive bodyweight coaching is that with consistent coaching at associate degree acceptable intensity, the two come together. You get a box jam-packed with gravity-defying movement skills and, an athletic physique.

To achieve success in the calisthenic exercise you want to learn to use the body as an integrated unit rather than individual and isolated muscles. This can be excellent news as exposing yourself to exercises that require you to transfer force from hands to feet suggests that a large potential come back once it involves useful movement and strength. Calisthenic exercise can serve you well currently, and into the latter years of your life.

Mentally Strong

Research shows that setting and achieving goals, learning new things, being resilient and having a community to be a part of will facilitate cause you to happier. Calisthenics for beginners creates the chance to try and do all these things.

Because the main target changes to what your body can do, rather than simply what it looks like, problems with body image and dysmorphia may be reduced. Calisthenics additionally promotes attentiveness through a necessity to be a gift in your practice, particularly within the ability acquisition phase of learning a new movement.

Calisthenics is regarding over simply obtaining sturdy and taking cool photos. Your brain is a muscle that wants flexing as well and coaching it with increasingly difficult movements may be a good way to stay it sharp.

No Equipment

Calisthenics are home or park based exercises that don’t need to have any sort of equipment. Many people can’t afford to go to the gym and expending a lot of money on machinery exercises, this is the best way they can maintain their form and health.

Build Strength

Strength is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone. Strength training increases your bone density and reduces the weakness of bones. It can increase your metabolism to increase or lose or manage weight by adjusting your calories. It improves your quality of life and ability to do everyday activities. This can help you maintain independence as you age.

Involvement of every muscle

“Calisthenics involves using the entire body and not emphasizing certain muscles over others”.
Muscles are the parts inside our body that you can make tight or relax in order to produce movements. And with the help of a calisthenic form of exercises you can train every single muscle for free movements, as I have seen many athletes do backflips etc. whereas a normal person is not even able to do a single push-up. The only difference in both is the training protocol.

Better Form

When victimization free weights or machines, you’ll still progress your strength and muscle mass; but, individuals usually end up victimization an excessive amount of resistance on a machine or weights that are too serious which results in compensating, that means you do not execute the exercise properly victimization the proper muscles,”. Calisthenics provides you the required solid base of strength for when/if you are doing incorporate external resistance into your training. “If you cannot elevate your body weight you certainly should not be attempting to elevate a lot of on a machine.

You don’t need any specific place

As bodyweight exercises require only our bodyweight we can perform it even at our home, parks, anywhere you want. It makes calisthenics accessible and doesn’t have to pay any gym fees!!.

Skills are motivating and impressive

A person’s good day at the gym would be when he adds 5kg extra weight in his usual bench press and complete the exercise. But in Calisthenics a good day is when you mastering human flag, holding your first 10sec hands stand or achieving first muscle-up. Learning skills is much more better than lifting weights.

Best guide “calisthenics for beginners”

If you have been searching for calisthenics for beginners workout, you might have come across many movements which look absolutely amazing, but difficult to perform. Many of these exercises can put a bodybuilder into shame. You need to get started with the calisthenics beginner workout.
If you have never really worked in a long time or you are a complete beginner, a good introduction to calisthenics for beginners bodyweight training is to start off with really basic exercises.

To pick the right program, you need to first figure out what you’re capable of.
If you are an avid gym rat, you probably already have an idea of what you can do, but if you are going from couch to Calisthenics, you might have zero clue.

Here, these are exercises that I would recommend you to start the calisthenics for beginner journey.
This is a very basic routine of calisthenics for beginners to get started. I am keeping it very simple but you can switch to an advanced circuit if you find it easy.

calisthenics for beginners exercises

This circuit should be performed non-stop. Take rest of 1 minute after each round. Repeat each round for 3 times for every exercise. If you find it easy increase number of rounds.

Squats: 20 Reps

This is a lower-body exercise. You should master squats form before attempting this entire circuit. Squats are the best way to build your legs. It strengthens your glutes and many other muscles improve lower body mobility and keep bones and joints healthy. However, calves, ankle mobility, core strength play an important role in performing this exercise. So as a beginner this should be your starting point.

Push-Ups: 15 Reps

Push-ups are basic exercise in calisthenics beginning from the prone position. By bringing up and lowering down the body using arms. Push-ups exercise the chest, the triceps, and deltoids. It works on various muscle groups abdominals, back body, and forearms.

Inverted rows: 15 Reps

It primarily works the muscles of the upper back. As well as biceps. This will really help you in getting your first pull-up as this builds strength in scapula.

Note:- this must be at a minimum angle of 45 degrees.

Bench Dips: 10Reps

This is also known as tricep dips. As you got an idea which muscle group this exercise hit from my first line, What are you waiting for, jump on it?

Pull-Ups: As many as Reps possible

Since it is a little tough exercise but very effective. It focuses on your arms, chest, and shoulders. This one may be a difficult one for you as a beginner but once you got your first pull-up you will love doing it daily. Calisthenics can be cruel for beginners sometimes 🙂

Plank: As long as possible(start with 30sec)

This is the most effective exercise for building strength of core. It is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time. Plank strengthens back, abdominals and shoulders.

Whenever you feel you are not able to perform these exercises incorrect form, lower the repetitions of exercises and try easier variation of exercises like- elevated push-ups in place of regular push-ups, chair dips in place of bench dips, assisted pull-ups instead of regular pull-ups.

Keep practicing “Calisthenics for beginners” routine until you master these exercises using your bodyweight. And guarantee you your expected results.

Just in case you wanna take these exercises to another level, add the following difficulties-

1- Add variation:- Making existing exercise more difficult is another way of progressing. Clapping push-ups is a great upgrade from normal push-ups. Step up to jumping squats from normal squats. Add weight on your body while performing push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. So give those a try.

2- Add repetition:- Increasing repetition is the best way. But once you hit the 12 reps mark you need to rethink your training strategy. Holding on to 6-12 rep range is going to give you the best for building muscles.

3- Add difficulty:- Last but not least, if you wanna add more difficulties in your exercises. Muscle-ups are a great progression from pull-ups or weighted pull-ups. Do an L hold for 10 seconds and see how that feels. Instead of clapping push-ups start doing wall push-ups and so on and so forth. Never let your body get used to what you are doing. By challenging yourself in each workout you will be able to progress and perform more advanced calisthenics movements.

4- Add upskill: -The most important thing you should keep in mind while performing advanced movements is the skill. Many of these movements will require skill, not just strength and endurance. And this will only be done by doing those specific exercises again and again(by increasing reps) which will strongly build the neurological connection with mind and muscles. As a result, you will be able to perform complex exercises better and become more skilled.

You can also go through this full calisthenic beginner video tutorial for your better understanding.

That’s all from me over to you-
 I hope you have liked this article on calisthenics for beginners of mine and you have been inspired to do calisthenics. Regardless of your training background, regardless if you are just a beginner, calisthenics is the most lovely and practical way of working out.

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