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Calisthenics for beginners! Strategy to master

Many people nowadays are bothered about their excess weight and fat, their full day working lifestyle doesn’t allow any time to focus on health and driving them towards bad health and excess weight. If you wanna get rid of this problem of your’s, here is calisthenics for beginners for you. Read More>>

boy doing bar pull ups


Bodyweight sporting events are a fundamental component of workout and fitness. These movements are an awesome addition to any exercising, as they’re fantastically easy to master, require no rate, and can be achieved whenever, anywhere. These workouts may be integrated into your universal education regimen, used as assignment circuits on occasion, or if you are a trainer or educate, you could position your customers and athletes to the check. Read More>>

Spartan bodyweight workout

Top 11 Protein Rich Food Veg In India

As Vegetarians, we are always asked where we get our protein from?  And we always come up with similar sources like lentils, milk and other similar foods, etc which are basically Protein Rich food veg in India for Indians. These few Protein Rich Indian food people consume every day. Because people are not aware of the variety of Protein Rich food in India. Now today I am going to tell you high protein Indian foods that you can have in your diet. Read More>>

Protein rich food veg in India